Mitakeumi Training Hard, Natsu Basho Still TBD

Mitakeumi is making a return to Sekiwake after 10 wins in March. Excited to be standing at sumo’s third highest rank for the 12th time, despite the uncertain chances that he will get to flaunt it later this month, the expert belt fighter has been working hard to prepare. “I’m focusing on basic exercises, takingContinue reading “Mitakeumi Training Hard, Natsu Basho Still TBD”

Stablemaster and Wrestlers Recover from Corona!

On the 30th, spokesman Shibatayama told reporters that stablemaster Takadagawa (pictured), Juryo wrestler Hakuyozan, and the four anonymous lower division rikishi that had been hospitalized at the same time had all undergone treatment and retesting for COVID, and would be cleared to go home soon. When exactly they will be discharged has not been communicatedContinue reading “Stablemaster and Wrestlers Recover from Corona!”

Kakuryu Aiming for 7th Title at Natsu

Natsu Basho will be the fifth tournament since Kakuryu’s last Emperor’s Cup. The West Yokozuna spent most of the time since then absent due to injury. But just last month, in a solid comeback, he ended the meet as runner up with 12 wins after being backed out by Hakuho in a final day tie-breaker.Continue reading “Kakuryu Aiming for 7th Title at Natsu”

No Plans to Cancel Summer Sumo

Spokesman Shibatayama-oyakata clarified on Sunday that sumo officials are still gunning for a Natsu Basho starting on May 24th. These comments on the back of bad news from Takadagawa stable have us wondering if this is in any way safe. After a nerve wracking two weeks, during a month when most major sports were alreadyContinue reading “No Plans to Cancel Summer Sumo”

Six New Cases of COVID-19 in Sumo

The sumo association revealed Saturday that both stablemaster Takadagawa (former Sekiwake Akinoshima) and his own Juryo wrestler, Hakuyozan are among six new confirmed cases of coronavirus within the sumo world. The four other new cases, as well as the first one announced on April 10th, are lower division rikishi whose identities and stable affiliations willContinue reading “Six New Cases of COVID-19 in Sumo”

Infected Wrestler’s Status Unknown, Charging Practice to Resume

April 24th marks 2 weeks since the first case of coronavirus within the sumo association, an anonymous lower division wrestler, was confirmed. Reportedly, having not received word yet from the wrestler’s stablemaster on the progress of his treatment, public relations director Shibatayama told reporters, “I don’t know the current situation at that stable, and IContinue reading “Infected Wrestler’s Status Unknown, Charging Practice to Resume”

Worries Grow Over Confirmed Corona Case

A lower division wrestler tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday after experiencing a fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, and bloody phlegm. His symptoms began on April 4th, and he was promptly isolated from his stablemates. He has been in the hospital since the 8th and is undergoing treatment. According to spokesman Shibatayama, his physical conditionContinue reading “Worries Grow Over Confirmed Corona Case”

Mystery Wrestler First Confirmed Case of Corona in Pro Sumo

The sumo association has confirmed based on PCR testing at a Tokyo Metropolitan hospital that the lower division wrestler in question has indeed been infected with COVID-19. This is the first confirmed case of coronavirus within the professional sumo world. Little is known about the severity of his condition at this time, but he wasContinue reading “Mystery Wrestler First Confirmed Case of Corona in Pro Sumo”

Undisclosed Wrestler Testing for Virus, Further Postponements, Cancellations Likely

Sumo Association spokesman Shibatayama told press over the phone on Thursday that there is one suspected case of coronavirus within the wrestler ranks. The lower division rikishi, whose identity and stable-affiliation has not been made public, has displayed a high temperature, productive cough, and has complained of fatigue and labored breathing since Saturday. His temperatureContinue reading “Undisclosed Wrestler Testing for Virus, Further Postponements, Cancellations Likely”