COVID Cases Continue Ahead of September Meet

The Japan Sumo Association uncovered a new case of coronavirus within the Makushita ranks on Saturday, September 5th. On Wednesday, Public relations director Shibatayama announced that another case had been found. Subsequent tests within the concerned stable have come back as false positives, and suggested several more true positive cases may be likely. Shibatayama-oyakata assuredContinue reading “COVID Cases Continue Ahead of September Meet”

JSA Begins Antibody Testing

The JSA has begun administering antibody tests for COVID-19 to its 1000 plus members. “We are taking the antibody tests starting today,” said spokesman Shibatayama, “It was already administered to two stables, a total of 43 individuals.” He explained that going forward, two or three stables (roughly 50 people) per day will take the test.Continue reading “JSA Begins Antibody Testing”

First COVID Death in Sumo

The unnamed lower division wrestler who became the first case of coronavirus within sumo has died. On May 13th, 28 year old fourth division wrestler Shobushi of Takadagawa-beya was pronounced dead after presenting with pneumonia and multiple organ failure. He is the first sumo wrestler, and in fact, the first professional Japanese athlete to dieContinue reading “First COVID Death in Sumo”

Final Decision on Natsu Basho to be Made Monday

According to Shibatayama-oyakata, a final decision on whether or not to hold Natsu Basho could be made by the Japan Sumo Association as soon as May 4th, the same day that the government is expected to make an announcement regarding the extension of a state of emergency. “I believe the sumo association will make aContinue reading “Final Decision on Natsu Basho to be Made Monday”

Worries Grow Over Confirmed Corona Case

A lower division wrestler tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday after experiencing a fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, and bloody phlegm. His symptoms began on April 4th, and he was promptly isolated from his stablemates. He has been in the hospital since the 8th and is undergoing treatment. According to spokesman Shibatayama, his physical conditionContinue reading “Worries Grow Over Confirmed Corona Case”

Mystery Wrestler First Confirmed Case of Corona in Pro Sumo

The sumo association has confirmed based on PCR testing at a Tokyo Metropolitan hospital that the lower division wrestler in question has indeed been infected with COVID-19. This is the first confirmed case of coronavirus within the professional sumo world. Little is known about the severity of his condition at this time, but he wasContinue reading “Mystery Wrestler First Confirmed Case of Corona in Pro Sumo”

Undisclosed Wrestler Testing for Virus, Further Postponements, Cancellations Likely

Sumo Association spokesman Shibatayama told press over the phone on Thursday that there is one suspected case of coronavirus within the wrestler ranks. The lower division rikishi, whose identity and stable-affiliation has not been made public, has displayed a high temperature, productive cough, and has complained of fatigue and labored breathing since Saturday. His temperatureContinue reading “Undisclosed Wrestler Testing for Virus, Further Postponements, Cancellations Likely”

Spring Tournament to be Held Without Spectators

There will be no spectators at Haru Basho 2020, but NHK will be broadcasting the event as usual. With the continued spread of the new Corona virus in Japan, many large scale sporting events have been cancelled or rescheduled at the request of the Japan Sports Agency and Prime Minister Abe. Even the 2020 OlympicsContinue reading “Spring Tournament to be Held Without Spectators”

Pre-Basho Events Cancelled/Closed to the Public

The Japan Sumo Association has announced new countermeasures against the Corona virus. The decisions are as follows: The ring entering and dedication ceremony at Sumiyoshi Shrine on February 29th is cancelled. The Spring Basho Eve festival on March 3rd is cancelled. There will be no general admission, only staff and sanyaku rikishi allowed at theContinue reading “Pre-Basho Events Cancelled/Closed to the Public”