Retired Rikishi Dies While Coaching

Former Makushita wrestler Maeta Masaru passed away on Wednesday night at a hospital in Hachimantai, Iwate Prefecture. The cause of death is believed to be a heart attack. At only 38 years old, Maeta had retired from professional sumo less than two years ago. After retirement he began a fertilizer management career at Sanken Soil.Continue reading “Retired Rikishi Dies While Coaching”

Ura Extends Winning Streak at July Basho

Ura, the exciting former top division fighter from Kise stable, won his third straight bout on Friday against Tsushimanada, going 3-0 at Makushita #19. This win extends an already impressive comeback record as well. In Friday’s bout, Ura read a dodgy tachiai by Tsushimanada (Makushita #21), dove low under the Sakaigawa wrestler’s defense, and forcedContinue reading “Ura Extends Winning Streak at July Basho”