Senshuraku Recap/Review

The 2020 July Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo came to a history making conclusion on Sunday, August 2nd, after two weeks of action. Juryo: After regularly scheduled matches, six Juryo wrestlers remained at 10 and 5. Eliminated in the first round were Kyokutaisei, Mitoryu, and Chiyono’o. The Juryo championship was then decided in a three-wayContinue reading “Senshuraku Recap/Review”

Senshuraku Preview | “Nagoya” 2020

Former top division rikishi Chiyonokuni won his second Makushita championship with a 7 and 0 record on day 13, and hopefully we will see him return to salaried status soon. In Juryo, it is possible for any one of these 8 men to win the title, but most likely it will come down to oneContinue reading “Senshuraku Preview | “Nagoya” 2020″

Mitakeumi Training Hard, Natsu Basho Still TBD

Mitakeumi is making a return to Sekiwake after 10 wins in March. Excited to be standing at sumo’s third highest rank for the 12th time, despite the uncertain chances that he will get to flaunt it later this month, the expert belt fighter has been working hard to prepare. “I’m focusing on basic exercises, takingContinue reading “Mitakeumi Training Hard, Natsu Basho Still TBD”