71st Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires, Announces Elder Name

After 5 consecutive tournaments absent due to various injuries, Yokozuna Kakuryu has decided to retire from competition. The 6 time Emperor’s Cup champion had sought a 7th before pulling out of the current Spring basho. He will remain in the sumo association, addressed as Kakuryu-oyakata. Kakuryu, born Anand Mangaljalav in his native Mongolia, was takenContinue reading “71st Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires, Announces Elder Name”

Tochiozan Retires

On Wednesday, former Sekiwake Tochiozan (Juryo #2 on current banzuke) of Kasugano-beya announced his retirement from sumo competition in a remote conference with his stablemaster Kasugano-oyakata. It was revealed that he will stay on as a coach, taking on the elder name “Kiyomigata.” “I’ve done nothing but sumo since I was a kid, so IContinue reading “Tochiozan Retires”

Toyonoshima Retires from Wrestling, Takes on Izutsu Name

With a total of 13 tournaments in the Sanyaku ranks, 10 special prizes, 4 kinboshi, and top division runner-up 5 times, Toyonoshima of Tokitsukaze-beya has decided to retire from wrestling but will stay in sumo as a coach. He will take on the name Izutsu, formerly held by Yokozuna Kakuryu’s late stablemaster. Kajiwara Daiki (hisContinue reading “Toyonoshima Retires from Wrestling, Takes on Izutsu Name”

Sokokurai Takes Over Arashio Stable [Video]

Holder of the “Arashio” elder stock, Sokokurai, has officially retired from wrestling and will take over Arashio-beya under said name. (Now) Arashio-oyakata, who is originally from Peoples Republic of China, Inner Mongolia, acquired Japanese citizenship last September, as it is a prerequisite for attaining elder status in the Japan Sumo Association. He will be replacingContinue reading “Sokokurai Takes Over Arashio Stable [Video]”