71st Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires, Announces Elder Name

After 5 consecutive tournaments absent due to various injuries, Yokozuna Kakuryu has decided to retire from competition. The 6 time Emperor’s Cup champion had sought a 7th before pulling out of the current Spring basho. He will remain in the sumo association, addressed as Kakuryu-oyakata. Kakuryu, born Anand Mangaljalav in his native Mongolia, was takenContinue reading “71st Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires, Announces Elder Name”

Hakuho Comments on Retirement Plans

Yokozuna Hakuho has withdrawn from the 3rd day of Haru Basho 2021 after reaggravating a right knee injury in his day 2 match against Takarafuji. With his eye on a record extending 45th Emperor’s Cup, the serial record breaker returned from four consecutive basho absences. Following closely behind his colleague Yokozuna Kakuryu, who pulled outContinue reading “Hakuho Comments on Retirement Plans”

Tochiozan Retires

On Wednesday, former Sekiwake Tochiozan (Juryo #2 on current banzuke) of Kasugano-beya announced his retirement from sumo competition in a remote conference with his stablemaster Kasugano-oyakata. It was revealed that he will stay on as a coach, taking on the elder name “Kiyomigata.” “I’ve done nothing but sumo since I was a kid, so IContinue reading “Tochiozan Retires”

Toyonoshima Retires from Wrestling, Takes on Izutsu Name

With a total of 13 tournaments in the Sanyaku ranks, 10 special prizes, 4 kinboshi, and top division runner-up 5 times, Toyonoshima of Tokitsukaze-beya has decided to retire from wrestling but will stay in sumo as a coach. He will take on the name Izutsu, formerly held by Yokozuna Kakuryu’s late stablemaster. Kajiwara Daiki (hisContinue reading “Toyonoshima Retires from Wrestling, Takes on Izutsu Name”

Sokokurai Takes Over Arashio Stable [Video]

Holder of the “Arashio” elder stock, Sokokurai, has officially retired from wrestling and will take over Arashio-beya under said name. (Now) Arashio-oyakata, who is originally from Peoples Republic of China, Inner Mongolia, acquired Japanese citizenship last September, as it is a prerequisite for attaining elder status in the Japan Sumo Association. He will be replacingContinue reading “Sokokurai Takes Over Arashio Stable [Video]”