Paralyzed Hibikiryu Dies at 28 Years Old

It has been over a month since the shocking accident that rendered Sandanme wrestler Hibikiryu paralyzed atop the Haru Basho dohyo. During the time that has elapsed, little information on his condition has come out, except for the fact that he had not left the hospital and was still unable to move his body fromContinue reading “Paralyzed Hibikiryu Dies at 28 Years Old”

Myogiryu Becomes Surprise Sole Leader

Two leaders at 4 wins and 0 losses each entered day 5 of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. On one side was Sekiwake Terunofuji, who seeks a return to his highest rank of Ozeki, a feat demanding just 6 more wins. On the other side stood a seasoned but inauspicious rank-and-filer, Myogiryu. MyogiryuContinue reading “Myogiryu Becomes Surprise Sole Leader”

Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #13 | Myogiryu vs. Tamawashi

Today’s bout of the day features two former Sekiwake with over 27 years of professional experience between them. Both fighters entered day 13 with a record of 5-7, one loss away from make-koshi, so it became a make-or-break situation if either one of them was trying to climb back to sanyaku. On paper, not muchContinue reading “Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #13 | Myogiryu vs. Tamawashi”

Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #8 | Sadanoumi vs. Tobizaru

Exciting new top division wrestler Tobizaru has been catching everyone’s attention with his often wild style of fighting. Living up to his shikona, which actually means “flying monkey,” relative lightweight Tobizaru reminds us a lot of our beloved Ura, whose creative style has had fans following him throughout his lower division journey. Like a lotContinue reading “Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #8 | Sadanoumi vs. Tobizaru”

Sakaigawa Wrestlers Pull Woman from River after Suicide Attempt

On Friday morning around 5:30, a man yelled for help after spotting a woman fall from the Fureai Bridge over Kena River. It appeared to be an attempted suicide. Not 30 seconds away from the bridge stands Sakaigawa stable where morning practice has been pushed back to 7am due to the virus. Sakaigawa-oyakata, hearing theContinue reading “Sakaigawa Wrestlers Pull Woman from River after Suicide Attempt”